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Mariah Mather


Mariah (like many of our artists) has been creating and designing since she was able to hold a paintbrush. She loves to turn nothing into something with her art while expressing her unique style - and she'll do the same for you. Check out some of her art and products below!

Mariah Mather: TeamMember
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Designing Your Dreams

Mariah Mather: Welcome


Featured Showcase

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Mariah Mather: Portfolio



Commissions by Mariah Mathers

AllBlueDesigns Commission Prices: All commissions must be paid in full upfront.

Any extra characters desired (beyond the standard 2) are an additional $20.

Black and white commission 1-2 characters: $80.

Black and white commission 1-2 characters, with background: $100.

Standard commission 1-2 characters, full color: $120.

Standard commission 1 - 2 characters, full color, with background: $150.

             Commission Rules​

  • Please, always be respectful. Constructive criticism, suggestions, and ideas are part of the learning process, but using inappropriate language, behavior, or insults is not. Our artists are all trying their best.

  • Standard commissions always feature 1-2 characters.

  • All art created is owned by AllBlueDesigns and the individual artist. Our art is not to be reused for NFTS or any other merchandising.

  • Do NOT repost any artwork sent by our artists without including tags or mentions.

  • We do not take NSFW commissions.

  • All artists have a right to decline commission requests and may choose to terminate the contract and cease communication if inappropriate behavior is observed.

Mariah Mather: Products
Mariah Mather: Product Gallery
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