Hannah Gardella


Hannah is a young artists that even from a young age managed to gain a massive following before her platform was taken down , from there she continued to practice and hone her craft.

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Designing Your Dreams



Featured Showcase

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Commissions By Hannah Gardella

               Allbluedesigns commissions by Hannah Gardella

  • Standard commission 1-2 characters full color with background 150$

  • Standard commission 1-2 characters full color 120$ 

  • Black and white commission 1-2 characters with background 100$

  • Black and white commission 1-2 characters 80$

  • Additional characters are 20$ for every character after the 2nd 

  • All commissions are paid in full upfront

               Commission Rules​

  • Always be respectful constructive criticism and ideas are part of the process being toxic isn't !!​

  • Standard Commissions feature 1-2 characters 

  • All art is owned by allbluedesigns and the artist and is not to be reused for NFTS or merchandising. 

  • Do not repost any artwork sent by our artists without including tags or mentions

  • light shipping is okay but nothing 18+

  • All commissions have a kill switch meaning that if someone orders a commission and chooses to be toxic or use hate speech to or against our artists we will kill the contract and cease communication